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Automating Edge Deployment - Addressing The Last Major Hurdle Preventing Large Scale Industrial IoT Adoption

Join Jim White, IOTech CTO and recognized industry expert for the latest instalment in IOTech's Webcast Series as he discusses the problem of managing edge deployments at scale.

9th Nov 2021 11:16

IOTech Webcast Series: Leveraging the Latest Embedded IoT Capabilities to Supercharge Your Edge Solution

Find out how Industrial OEMs and ISVs are transforming their customer's operations by adding new edge computing capabilities to their solutions

22nd Oct 2021 09:24

IOTech Webcast Series: From Centralized to Hybrid Edge-Cloud Architectures

Join James Butcher, IOTech Product Manager and recognized industry expert for the latest instalment in IOTech's Webcast Series as he discusses the need for interoperability between Edge and Cloud architectures and why a Hybrid model is the way forward. There is currently an acceleration from fully centralized cloud-based systems to distributed architectures driven by edge computing. Cloud computing alone is unable to handle the vast amounts of data that will be created by the billions of connected devices that are predicted, or the need for local insights from the latency-sensitive applications on which they depend. However, most systems will not solely rely on edge computing solutions either. In fact, fully autonomous edge applications are quite rare.

26th Mar 2021 14:37

IOTech Webinar: Accelerating Time to Value for IoT Applications at the Far Edge

Watch Tom Urquhart, PhD., IOTech SVP Global Solutions and Microsoft's Tom O'Reilly, Global IoT Ecosystem for Azure Sphere as they present the business problems that can be solved when you combine the world's first Time-Critical edge software platform Edge XRT with Microsoft Azure Sphere. Edge IoT devices are going mainstream and organizations now have the opportunity to deploy edge data acquisition and processing much more quickly and cost-effectively. Microsoft Azure Sphere is an application platform with built-in communication and security features for internet-connected devices. It comprises a secured, connected, crossover microcontroller unit (MCU), a custom high-level Linux-based operating system (OS), and a cloud-based security service that provides continuous, renewable security. To get the most benefit from Azure Sphere, Microsoft is collaborating with IOTech to deliver a deployment ready edge solution, now possible with IOTech's Edge XRT, which is optimized for highly embedded environments such as Azure Sphere. IOTech's Edge XRT product runs natively on Azure Sphere and provides standard OT connectivity to popular OT protocols 'out of the box', edge data processing and seamless data communications with Azure IoT Hub including support for Digital Twins. There is no need to code from scratch, you simply configure, deploy, and go.

1st Mar 2021 09:59

IOTech Webcast Series : Edge Management at Scale - Solving the Big Problem in the IoT Room

As IoT adoption gathers speed an increasing number of projects are moving from small scale pilots to large scale rollout. At the edge users face a unique set of management challenges when deploying systems consisting of 100s or possibly 1000s of edge nodes. During the presentation, Jim tackles key edge management issues by focusing on approaches to managing both the nodes and their connected devices/sensors, as well as the applications that will be deployed on these nodes. The Session Cover: How is edge management different from cloud / enterprise management? Current edge management approaches, their strengths as well as their limitations. What are the differences between Node management, Application management and Device management? The need for open architecture edge management solutions

20th Nov 2020 09:57

IoT Security in the Age of Edge Computing Webinar

IOTech is partnering with security experts RSA to show how IoT edge computing can help you get IoT secured and allow you to focus on the business benefits that the edge can bring. As part of this webinar, IOTech and RSA will be demonstrating the joint solution running in an Industrial IoT context: Watch how IOTech's Edge Xpert platform is easily configured to ingest and aggregate data from multiple different edge devices communicating via different industrial protocols. See how the Edge Xpert platform enables the realization of edge insights via analytics, control and visualization applications all locally and on-premise. Crucially, watch how the solution can be easily extended to add RSA's IoT Security Monitor as part of the deployment. The RSA IoT Security Monitor edge agent is seamlessly deployed and managed by Edge Xpert and adds the capability to detect, monitor and report security risks as the edge IoT system is running. We simulate some common security threats that exist in this environment and show how these are collected, aggregated and delivered to provide a complete and secure framework for industrial edge computing

20th Nov 2020 09:47

IOTech Webcast Series: Why time-critical edge platforms are fundamental to the success of Industrial IoT Systems

Explore the challenges of Time-Critical computing at the IoT Edge - how platform technology can accelerate development and deployment of maintainable and portable solutions and the types of use cases where this technology is applicable. What are the characteristics and challenges faced by Time-Critical edge systems. The importance of edge platform technology to meet these challenges. What are some of key Time-Critical use cases at the edge . What capabilities do the edge software platforms need to provide to support. Time-Critical use cases. What's the business case for buy versus build. Edge XRT Time-Critical Edge Platform in action and the numbers

6th May 2020 17:09

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