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Utilize IOTech's edge software platforms and commercial-grade connectors by purchasing exactly the product features you need using our new online store.

Recognizing that our products offer a wide range of edge computing features and that not all customers will use every capability or need to use every type of device connector, we have simplified the commercial model and the way in which our products can be selected and deployed. So, in response to customer demand, our marketing team has been working on making our products available to purchase online. This is now live and coincides with the Edge Xpert 1.8 release we have just made.

Our new online store makes it easy and convenient to buy exactly the product set you need for your edge solution deployments. You can buy the exact number of units of Edge Xpert or Edge XRT that you need, the specific device connectors for your use case, the optional SDKs when you need them, and any other add-on you require. You can also choose the support and training options you need. All of this keeps the pricing competitive and provides great value to the customer. We support credit card payments or you can request a quotation which will allow you to raise a purchase order in your organization before returning to your account to complete the order.

Head to now to browse the products and pick what you need. We have step-by-step menus for each product and that includes the device connectors for the EdgeX Foundry. Our sales and marketing teams are always available to help so please contact us to discuss any special orders.

23rd Feb 2021 13:08

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