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SHIFT Energy Introduction

An operating division of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada-based Mariner Partners, SHIFT Energy’s EOS product suite works with existing building control systems and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment to boost performance, cutting energy consumption and costs while also reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. SHIFT Energy’s solutions are deployed at facilities across North America.

Partner Relationship 

Our partnership will see SHIFT Energy’s EOSair™ and upcoming products use IOTech’s Edge Central solution to securely acquire data from SHIFT customer sites. IOTech Edge Central™ is a flexible, open edge data platform that makes industrial data easily accessible, actionable, and manageable.

Based on the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry, IOTech’s Edge Central offers high-performance data acquisition that supports SHIFT’s cloud-based energy optimization solution, delivering meaningful savings in energy costs and emissions to building operators. Using Edge Central, SHIFT acquires data from Building Automation Systems (BAS) or Building Management Systems (BMS) and securely provides it on the cloud to SHIFT where it is analyzed using Machine Learning and predictive modelling, with the resulting optimizations provided directly to the control system to boost operational efficiency.

SHIFT Energy and IOTech joint solution: 

 IOTech shares SHIFT Energy’s vision to leverage better data from operations to drive increased efficiency, lower energy costs, and lower Greenhouse Gas emissions from heating and cooling systems
- SHIFT Energy


  • Building Automation
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