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fusilli.IO Introduction

fusilli.IO is an end-to-end DataOps platform that provides Agile data management, governance and collaboration tools for continuous data delivery. fusilli.IO was designed after a decade of delivering large-scale Big data projects, and we made sure every data stakeholder is able to connect, explore, govern, manage or obtain data without complex procedures, tedious data requests, or fear of noncompliance. 

Fusilli.IO highlights:

  • Metadata discovery and exploration from a technical and business standpoints
  • Data governance policies and 5 embedded data anonymization methods to guarantee compliance
  • Task automation and real-time monitoring of data operations
  • Agile data request management and collaboration tools to fast-track data delivery
  • Reusable codeless ingestion pipelines leveraging prebuilt connectors
  • User-friendly codeless UI to mitigate technical complexity
  • Solution ready for private, hybrid or public cloud, and deployable on-prem with HA-ready configuration on Kubernetes
  • Cloud native micro-services architecture and API-driven connections and integrations

Partner Relationship 

fusilli.IO and IOTech technology enter complex solution architectures to enable the integration of IoT data with existing enterprise systems, leveraging the ability EdgeX® to config limitless virtual devices, each with a customized set of connected sensors, transferring data from the edge to the core. Our joint solutions, powered by with Edge Xpert® and Edge XRT®, span data acquisition technologies, AI enhanced telemetry analysis, safe and secure scalable IoT monitoring and control, edge to core payload test bench, location-based system performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, and customizable dashboard-rich apps.


  • Oil and Gas
  • Smart Energy 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Telecommunication
  • Building Automation 
  Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East
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