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Why IOTech

The full promise of IoT will only be achieved when you combine the power of cloud and edge computing: delivering real value that allows businesses to analyze and act on their data with incredible agility and precision, and close to real-time.

Key challenges at the edge related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability, security, and OT heterogeneity cannot be addressed with cloud-only models. The edge needs its own answers.

IOTech is in the business of providing those answers. Our edge software products are built on open technology as used by thousands of users worldwide. The products allow you to develop, deploy and manage any AI workloads, third-party edge applications, or your own business logic on any Internet of Things (IoT) edge node with complete deployment flexibility. Our software solutions cover the full spectrum of secure hard and soft real-time edge computing, maximize user choice and provide a software foundation for effective collaboration across multiple vertical markets at the IoT edge.

Edge computing will power the next wave of business transformation and there is a unique set of requirements for it.  The time to start is now. Avoid the risk of getting left behind, talk to IOTech - The Edge Software Company.

Simplifying the Edge

Heterogeneity at the IoT edge is both an opportunity and a challenge. The solution landscape is highly fragmented: 

  • Wide variety of  IoT device manufacturers
  • Multiple OS choices and variants
  • Variety of chip architectures
  • Many competing IoT frameworks
  • Vast amount of IoT protocols – some proprietary, some standards based, some incomplete, some evolving
  • Varying degrees of device intelligence
  • Combinations of new and brownfield systems

There are also many operational challenges at the edge: 

  • Long design lives meaning obsolescence must be factored in
  • Autonomous operations requiring high reliability
  • Remote deployed locations requiring secure remote access for maintenance and debugging
  • Safety is often key design requirement
  • High operational availability expectations mean that patches and upgrades can require weeks of planning to avoid outages
  • Faults in the IoT network are difficult to find and fix

The IOTech Advantage

IOTech Shields Users from Edge Complexity
IOTech’s open edge software platforms and management solutions shield developers and users from these complexities. We provide a software foundation delivering maximum user choice, flexibility and accelerated adoption of your edge solutions. 
Openness to Provide Choice and Flexibility
To maximize user choice, all of IOTech’s edge products are ‘open’, which at a minimum means our edge software solutions are silicon, hardware, operating system, software application and cloud agnostic. Wherever possible, we also adopt open standards, for example, standard APIs that enable plug and play of any software application at the edge.
Ubiquitous Edge Connectivity
The edge is where the IT system meets the OT ‘thing’ and at the edge there is a multitude of southbound device protocols which work at or close to real-time. IOTech’s device connectivity capability supports many key standard industrial protocols along with SDKs that readily allow users to add new protocols. We are making connectivity a configuration rather than programming task with graphical tooling to simplify the work even further!

Likewise, northbound there are multiple clouds and other IT endpoints to which we enable flexible connectivity and bi-directional data flow. Both Edge Xpert and Edge XRT are cloud agnostic and are delivered with many integrations out-of-the-box.
Delivering Time-Critical Performance
Our edge software platforms Edge Xpert and Edge XRT cover the full spectrum of IoT edge ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ real-time needs. They support all types of applications users want to run at the edge, for example, closed-loop control, specialist AI and analytics applications – for which we provide access to “real-time” data. This can be millisecond or even microsecond response times, and in the case of hard real-time, predictable, deterministic responses.
Edge Management at Scale
Edge systems can be both very large-scale and highly distributed. This makes their smooth management both vitally important yet difficult to implement. While today’s enterprise management and deployment systems work well in enterprise or cloud environments, they are not well-suited to edge deployments. To address this, IOTech’s Edge Builder provides easy and scalable node and application management for the edge.
CPU, Hardware, Operating System and Deployment Flexibility
There is a wide variety of commoditized hardware available to run time-critical edge applications, from industrial server-class platforms, edge gateways, programmable controllers and at the ‘far edge’, highly memory-constrained microcontrollers. IOTech’s edge platforms and management tools are highly optimized for all footprint requirements and will run on any ARM or Intel processor and a wide variety of standard and Real-Time operating system variants.
A Vibrant Ecosystem
Getting the edge “right” is not just about technology, it is also about the global ecosystems that support it. A one-company “open” API is not really an open API, and the scale of the problem and the diversity at the edge requires collaboration: an ecosystem.

IOTech supports LF Edge - the premier open source ecosystem for the edge. The leading project hosted by LF Edge is the EdgeX Foundry – a vendor-neutral open software platform that provides a common framework for industrial IoT edge computing. The EdgeX Foundry project was established in 2017, has huge momentum, is backed by some of the world’s leading technology companies and has enjoyed millions of downloads around the world.


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