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Lotus Labs Inc

Company Introduction

Lotus Labs is an emerging technology company focused on Artificial Intelligence solutions that will transform your business into an AI-driven enterprise. Our team of experts in Machine Learning can help build an end-to-end solution for your enterprise. Padmé is our AI platform with pre-trained machine learning models optimized to manage, deploy, and run on edge devices.

Partner Relationship

Lotus Labs provides Visual Inference through its Padmé platform. Padmé and EdgeXpert offer a comprehensive solution to our customers. For example, Padmé can provide the people count in a given area through its visual inference, and EdgeXpert can utilize this input in addition to the inputs from other IoT sensors and provide a more accurate count. Our solution can be applied to various use cases to detect smoke or fire at remote facilities like oil rigs with an Edge computing environment, alert safety violations with helmet detection capabilities in manufacturing facilities, etc.

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  • Oil and Gas
  • Smart Energy 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Telecommunication
  • Building Automation 
  • Smart Retail
  • Entertainment and Sporting Venues
  Europe, North America, Australia
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