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Edge XRT

The first edge software platform designed specifically for time-critical and resource-constrained IoT systems.

Edge XRT enables users to leverage the benefits of the next generation of real-time IoT Edge computing solutions with the confidence that that technology can be deployed in the most demanding time-critical edge systems. We do this by providing both the technical and commercial assurances that can only be provided by a trusted world-class software vendor.

As well as being a key technical enabler for new IoT projects, products and services Edge XRT can deliver real business value to companies who are looking to exploit operational data. This includes enabling the rollout of the next generation digital-ready products, reducing time to market for new product and service through the use of modern, efficient COTS technology and reducing the risk of new technology adoption in comparison to in-house solutions or other technology choices.

For organizations, Edge XRT delivers value by addressing:

  • Top-Line Growth
  • Cost Line
  • Risk

Discover Edge XRT and find out it will benefit your system. Fill the form and download the Edge XRT Solutions Brief for more details.

Download the Edge XRT Solutions Brief

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