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  • Edge XRT

    The Time-Critical Edge Software Platform

  • Edge Xpert

    The Open Software Platform for the IoT Edge

  • IoT Ready Solutions

    Edge Xpert IoT software platform fully integrated with Dell 3000 and 5000 Series Industrial Gateways

  • Open Edge Platforms

    For Industrial and Consumer IoT

  • Open Edge PlatformsOpen Edge Platforms
  • Open Edge PlatformsOpen Edge Platforms
  • Open Edge PlatformsOpen Edge Platforms
  • Open Edge PlatformsOpen Edge Platforms

The Open IoT Edge Platform Company

The growth in IoT data is explosive, impressive and unsustainable under current architectural approaches. Many IoT deployments face challenges related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability and security; which cannot be addressed in cloud-only models.

IOTech's open edge platform solutions enable workloads to be processed at the IoT edge to enhance security, enable real-time decision-making and reduce IoT data storage and transport requirements.


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Edge Xpert

The Open Software Platform for the IoT Edge

Edge Xpert is an open, flexible, hardware and OS-independent; and commercial quality edge software platform that is highly scalable and can support a broad range of industrial and commercial IoT use cases.


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Edge Xpert IoT Ready Solutions

Simplifying the development and roll-out of Industrial Edge IoT applications

Combining IOTech’s Edge Xpert software platform with Dell’s market leading Industrial Edge Gateway hardware technology to provide pre-integrated deployment ready IoT solutions

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Edge Xpert Developer Kits

Fully integrated Edge Xpert IoT Software Platform, Development Hardware and Sensors

Edge Xpert developer kits help you kick-start your IoT journey and are available in a range of configurations to suit different project needs.


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