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IoT Ready Solutions

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IoT-Ready Solutions

In order to simplify the development, procurement and roll-out of Industrial Edge IoT applications , IOTech is working in partnership with key hardware vendors to build a series of IoT-Ready Solutions. 

IOTech’s Edge Xpert software platform is combined with leading Edge Gateway and Industrial Server technology to produce pre-integrated IoT solutions that are ready to deploy in the field.  Edge Xpert is delivered specifically configured to fully unlock the power and connectivity capabilities of the hardware without any programming being required.


Edge Xpert is a professional quality implementation of the EdgeX Foundry open source platform and provides a robust and feature-rich commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution for Edge Computing without fear of being locked into a closed environment. 

In addition to the standard features of Edge Xpert such as ingestion and aggregation of data from a variety of industrial protocols, edge storage, control and analytics, Edge Xpert includes connectors (Device Services) that can utilize the built-in features and drivers of each IoT Ready hardware device.  Development effort and time to market are greatly reduced because the solutions are ready to roll out.


The first IoT-Ready Solutions available to the IoT market are  based on Dell Technologies’ 3000 and 5000 series industrial-grade Edge Gateways. As standard, each Dell 3000 and Dell 5000 Edge Gateway includes support for technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, GPS, CAN bus and MEMS. The IoT-Ready Solutions provide standard connectivity for these communication technologies, enabling users to simply configure Edge Xpert to enable device communication (e.g. with a Zigbee sensor) rather than requiring custom software development.

See the following specifications for details on the Dell 5000 and 5000 series Industrial Edge Gateways:

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