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Edge Xpert Latest Version

Download Edge Xpert 1.6, the latest version of IOTech's open source IoT Edge platform based on EdgeX's Fuji Release.

Edge Xpert 1.6

This version includes the latest updates from the EdgeX Foundry’s “Fuji” release and key new features exclusive to Edge Xpert

EdgeX developments for the Fuji release incorporated into the Edge Xpert product include:

  • Enhanced security features including isolated storage of EdgeX secrecy data and improved PKI management
  • Application Service SDK for easily adding new northbound integrations
  • Improved quality and robustness from greatly expanded unit and black-box testing

In addition to enhancing and commercially supporting the baseline open-source EdgeX Foundry services, Edge Xpert 1.6 provides more value-add via the following new features added in this release:

  • More industrial OT connectivity with exclusive new Device Services for integrating with EtherCAT, PROFINET and CANbus systems
  • The Edge Xpert Device Services are now smart subsystems in their own right and come embedded with Edge XRT technology to support pluggable filtering, analytics and control locally in each Service
  • Store-and-forward capability added for holding data during periods of northbound disconnection


See the Edge Xpert Product Specification and Datasheet for more details.



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