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Edge Xpert Latest Version

Download Edge Xpert 1.7, the latest version of IOTech's open source IoT Edge platform based on EdgeX's Geneva Release.

Edge Xpert 1.7

Edge Xpert 1.7 is another leap forward in both the usability of the product and further expansion of the edge connectivity options provided out-of-the-box.  As well as exclusive value-add features, this version also includes all of the latest updates from the EdgeX Foundry’s “Geneva” release

Key new features in Edge Xpert include: 

  • A brand new Device Profile Modeling tool to further simplify the device and sensor connectivity process
  • New Device Services for connectivity to EtherNet/IP, OPC-UA Publish/Subscribe, CANopen and REST
  • First support for connectivity to smart IP-based cameras via our ONVIF Device Service
  • Provision of the new EdgeX Application Functions SDK that allows users to easily create their own application integrations at the northbound side
  • Addition of out-of-the-box support for IBM Watson IoT and therefore completing pre-configured support to connect to the ‘Big-4’ Clouds (AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure and IBM)
  • New documentation engine for improved developer experience
  • Inclusion of features provided by the EdgeX Foundry Geneva release including Kuiper - the new Go-based lightweight rules engine, support for messaging as a means to communicate between the microservices and support for dynamic discovery in the Device Service SDKs


See the Edge Xpert Product Specification and Datasheet for more details.



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