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Edge Xpert

A software foundry that helps drive IoT innovation, global adoption, market velocity and scale at the edge

Edge XpertTM

Edge Xpert leverages the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry to provide a commercial quality open platform suitable for both Industrial and Consumer IoT edge applications. IOTech’s Edge Xpert uses the latest stable release of EdgeX Foundry to create a commecrially supported solution from the baseline open source technology. This approach minimizes any risk of open source adoption and is key to users deploying in mission and business critical industrial systems.

Edge Xpert is a flexible, platform-independent, highly-scalable and industrial-grade edge software platform supported by a rich ecosystem of components that can quickly and easily deliver interoperability between things, applications and services, across a wide range of use cases.

Based on a loosely-coupled microservices architecture, the Edge Xpert platform allows for independent microservices to be distributed across discrete hardware devices, written in different languages (e.g. Java, Go Lang, C/C++) communicating with each other via HTTP-REST (and other protocols such as MQTT and ZeroMQ).

Edge Xpert also supports the integration of multi-protocol OT device and sensor (e.g. Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA devices) and IT/Cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT Core and AWS IoT Platform) endpoints via normalized Device and Export Service APIs.

The Core Services and deployment framework have been architected to be hardware (e.g. x86, ARM) and OS (e.g. different of Linux and Windows) agnostic as possible, while providing the ability for Edge Xpert can to be tailored to the hardware and OS of choice if required.

Edge Xpert also provides a number of Supporting Services such as the Rules Engine microservice to enable edge intelligence/analytics to support the local decision making needed by low latency mission critical systems. Edge analytics allows the filtering of meaningless data at the edge to reduce communication and storage costs. When needed Edge Xpert can be easily integrated with leading commercial edge analytics solutions.  Other Supporting Services that are provided as part of the Edge Xpert platform included: Scheduling, Alerts and Notifications and Logging microservices.

Edge Xpert Key Features

  • Professionally-packaged commercial-quality distribution delivered as both a VM for ease of use or native Windows and Linux (.deb and .rpm) packages
  • Edge Xpert Management GUI to support IoT project development and deployment
  • Commercial quality user documentation, product tutorials and examples

Device Services

  • Out-of-the-box support for integration with multi-protocol OT device/sensor endpoints including: BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, REST/HTTP and OPC UA. In the near future support for IOTivity, CAN bus, Ziggbee and BLE protocols will also be provided (please check with IOTech for availability)

Export Services

  • Out-of-the-box support for integration with Enterprise IT Systems /Cloud endpoints including: Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT Core and Amazon Web Service IoT Platform


  • Hardware:  x86 (64 bit), ARM (32 and 64 bit)
  • Operating system: Linux, Windows, Mac OS (or any system that can support Docker)

Included 3rd Party Software

  • InfluxDB time series database and Grafana data visualization
  • Node-RED visual flow editor that provides a dynamic mechanism for users to add their own application specific edge analytics to an Edge Xpert system

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