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A software foundry that helps drive IoT innovation, global adoption, market velocity and scale at the edge

Customers who require access to IOTech’s very latest software products, combined with service level commitments and the technical backup of our world class support and maintenance team must purchase a software subscription(s) license.

Simple Fair Pricing

At IOTech we believe if simple, fair and open pricing. Pricing is based only on the number of developers using IOTech software products on your project and your support SLA requirements. Also for non-production use (e.g. testing, prototyping, POCs) you can use our software free of charge.

When a customer’s system or product which is using IOTech’s software is deployed into a production environment or is sold commercially by an OEM, then additional deployment subscription fees must be agreed with IOTech. For more information on deployment license pricing then Contact IOTech.

There are three elements to IOTech’s developer subscription pricing model:

  1. A mandatory base subscription to the Core Platform which includes Cores Services (Core Data, Metadata, Configuration, Registry and Configuration and Command Microservices), Supporting Services (Logging, Scheduling, Alerts and Notifications and Rules Engine Microservices) and Export Services (Client Registration and Export Distribution Microservices)
  2. Optionally a subscrition for one or more Southbound Device Services (e.g. Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA, MQTT, BLE, Serial) enabling connectivity to operational assets
  3. Optionally a subscription for one or more Northbound Export Services (e.g. Microsoft IoT Hub, Google IoT Core) enabling connectivity to Cloud and Enterprise IT systems

Please Contact IOTech to discuss our very latest pricing for the most up to date list of supported connectivity options.

What is a Subscription

A subscription is a way to access IOTech software licenses in a pay-as-you-go model rather than access by one large upfront cost, as is the case with a perpetual license. When you subscribe to IOTech software, you’ll also get:

Access to the very latest software releases via our customer support portal, and ongoing maintenance and updates to keep you up and running
Ability to change capabilities so that you can access only the software you need, when you need it
Support assistance from expert multi-language support engineers, underpinned by guaranteed SLAs to de-risk use in the most demanding mission-critical production environments
Smart web-based and proactive support to pinpoint problems sooner and operate more efficiently

Why Customers Prefer to Subscribe

Customers purchasing subscriptions benefit from:

Flexibility and lower upfront costs allowing you to scale up or change capabilities to meet your business needs
Faster innovation cycles by having immediate access to IOTech’s very latest products and enhancements
Shared commitment to success, through product innovation, proactive support and expert professional services to ensure success
Whether you’re ready to move to subscription now or just looking into it, IOTech is working hard to bring customers like you the products and solutions that will help make your business more successful

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