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IOTech's Software Products and Solutions build on EdgeX Foundry a new flexible, platform-independent, highly-scalable open source edge software platform

Interoperability at the Edge for Smart Retail

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a significant impact on the retail industry by improving everything from the in-store shopping experience for customers to offering retailers differentiation with increased efficiencies that directly impact the bottom line.

The IoT allows retailers to instantly gather useful information during the customer purchasing period and unlock the power of insights within their businesses to scale better and address market challenges. The introduction of Edge computing ensures that information processing, content collection, and delivery are placed as near to customers and store operations as possible.

Edge computing is increasingly being used in the retail sector to leverage and integrate new technologies such as smart IoT devices (e.g. digital signs, scanners, cameras, RFID systems and more). Operational efficiency is also improved by gathering insights into customer behaviour and trends through the utilization of data processed by applications running on these edge-based systems. 

IOTech’s Edge Xpert platform is an key enabler for smart retail, providing an open framework that enables interoperability between heterogeneous IoT devices and applications at the edge. Edge Xpert provides a future-proof and vendor-neutral open platform that helps prevent lock-in to specific technology choices, significantly reducing integration costs and time to market for new IoT-enabled retail solutions.

Download the solutions brief or find out about how Intel's Open Retail Initiative (ORI) enables integration and interoperability in retail systems - Find out more.

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