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The Need for Open Edge Computing Platforms

IOTech's Software Products and Solutions build on EdgeX Foundry a new flexible, platform-independent, highly-scalable open source edge software platform

The growth in IoT is explosive, impressive and unsustainable under current architectural approaches. Many IoT deployments face challenges related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability and security, which cannot be addressed in cloud-only models.

To meet the challenges faced by IoT deployments related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability and security, which cannot be addressed in Cloud-only models, the focus of IoT is moving to ‘the Edge’.

Edge-based architectures provide a hierarchy of elements between the cloud and endpoint devices, and between devices and gateways, all operating in a high performance, open and interoperable way.

It is projected that 5.6 billion IoT devices will utilise Edge Computing for data collection and processing by 2020 (ref: Business Insider UK). This translates to at least 40% of IoT data stored, processed, analyzed at or near the Edge.

To address this need high performance, secure, open and interoperable open Edge software platforms are becoming vital to support this new paradigm; having a pivotal strategic role to play in a much higher stakes competition and IOTech is responding to this market need.

IOTech's vision is to build and deploy the pervasive secure, open real-time software platform for Edge environments that helps drive IoT innovation, global adoption, market velocity and scale. 

The company is leveraging an open source strategy to develop a growing global partner ecosystem. Its baseline open source technology is the Linux Foundations’ EdgeX Foundry™, which is aligned around a common goal – the simplification and standardization of the foundation for Edge computing architectures in the IoT market.  EdgeX has gained significant market traction since its launch over 18 months ago. 

IOTech is supporting the rapidly growing EdgeX global developer community and partner ecosystem by providing a vendor-neutral fully commercialized version of the EdgeX code base called Edge Xpert. 


IOTech is also extending the capabilities of Edge Xpert to support secure real-time Edge-based systems in highly specialized and challenging resource constrained environments. Edge Xrt will be the first IoT Platform designed to meet the needs of industrial applications deployed on Edge networks and faced with one or more of the following key challenges: deployable on highly resource constrained environments such as an embedded microcontroller with limited memory and low powered CPU; latency and response times measured in microseconds; requires predictable “hard real-time” processing and execution.  For more information and availability details on Edge Xpert then contact IOTech.


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