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Join Jim White, IOTech CTO and recognized industry expert for the 2nd instalment of this IOTech Webcast Series to understand why an Open Edge Platform is critical in enabling data from different sources to flow to the key business-insight providing applications in an Industrial IoT system.

  • Why data interoperability between things, applications and the cloud is fundamental to any Industrial IoT system
  • Why edge AI and analytics applications need to access data from potentially multiple sources in real-time and often using different OT protocols
  • How to ingest, normalize, filter and clean data in a standard way to provide those applications with the reliable data they need
  • How to manage complex connectivity requirements and remain ‘open’ in diverse Industrial IoT environments
  • A demonstration of IOTech’s Edge Xpert Open IoT Edge Platform connecting different OT protocols (e.g. Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA, EtherCAT, PROFINET etc.) and cloud/northbound endpoints (e.g. MS Azure, Google, AWS, etc as well as private clouds and other IT system), all of which can change between use cases

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Posted: 10th Mar 2020

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