Edge Xpert Manager

The IOTech Edge Xpert Manager provides a user interface (UI) to support the control and monitoring of the Edge Xpert microservices.

Many of the commands described in the EdgeX Foundry documentation are supported by Edge Xpert Manager allowing you to use features through the graphical interface, including the following:

  • Viewing devices
  • Performing control and configuration operations on devices
  • Visualizing data that is streamed from devices
  • Setting up schedules and events
  • Monitoring schedules and events
  • Creating export services; that is, the recipients of the data from Edge Xpert
  • Managing export services
  • Gathering logs produced by the Edge Xpert microservices
  • Viewing logs produced by the Edge Xpert microservices
  • Viewing metadata in Edge Xpert
  • Configuring metadata in Edge Xpert, where possible

Edge Xpert Manager consists of a microservice and a web-based user interface application. The microservice must be running before the user interface can start.

The Edge Xpert Manager microservice can be started with the --xpert-manager option of the edgexpert tool’s up command.

This guide describes the use of Edge Xpert Manager with reference to the random integer readings generated by the Virtual Device Service.

The following topics describe the tasks that can be completed using IOTech’s Edge Xpert Manager:


If you need to contact IOTech for support, please supply the support-data.dat file.


See the Known Issues page for details of any known issues and workarounds.

This file is generated and exported from Edge Xpert Manager when you select Support Data from the menu options.

Device Data

For further information on contacting IOTech Support, see Support.