IoT-Ready Solutions

IOTech Systems are working in partnership with key, selected hardware vendors to simplify the development, procurement and roll-out of Industrial Edge IoT solutions. Together we are building a series of IoT-Ready Solutions.

Combining IOTech’s Edge Xpert software platform with leading Edge Gateway and Industrial Server technology provides pre-integrated IoT solutions that are ready to deploy in the field. Edge Xpert is specifically configured to fully unlock the power and connectivity capability of the hardware without the need to develop any custom software.

In addition to the standard features of Edge Xpert, such as ingestion and aggregation of data from a variety of industrial protocols, edge storage, and control and analytics, Edge Xpert includes connectors (Device Services) that can use the built-in features and drivers of each hardware device. Development effort and time-to-market are greatly reduced because the solutions are ready to roll out.

This documentation extends the Edge Xpert documentation. Some links may take you to content in the main Edge Xpert documentation.

Dell Edge Gateway IoT-Ready Solutions

IOTech has collaborated with Dell Technologies to offer pre-configured integrations of Edge Xpert for the Dell 3000 and 5000 series industrial-grade Edge Gateways.

This documentation is applicable to the Dell Edge Gateway IoT-Ready Solutions: