Typical WorkflowΒΆ

This section is designed to help you get started with Edge Xpert by summarizing a typical workflow.

A typical workflow is as follows:

  1. Start Edge Xpert, as described in the Starting the Microservice section of the Edge Xpert Manager topic

  2. Provision a device. To provision a device, you must do the following:

    1. Upload the Device Profile
    2. If you want to automate the pulling of data from the device using Auto Events, you must create the Auto Event
    3. Register the Device

    You can provision a device using the Edge Xpert Manager Device Services Wizard, which is opened by selecting the Add (+) button in the DEVICES pane. For further information, see the Adding a Device section of the Managing Devices topic.

  3. View the data produced by a device. For more information, see the Displaying Readings topic

  4. Export the data to a recipient, or client. These clients can be on- or off-gateway and consume the data in some way. For example, a client could be an analytics service, rules engine or cloud system. To export the data, you must create an Export Registration. For more information on creating an esport registration, see the Managing Exports topic.