Edge Xpert Export ServicesΒΆ

Edge Xpert operates independently of other systems when necessary. Gateways often operate in isolated and sometimes disconnected environments. Gateways monitor and manage a collection of sensors and devices that have little or no outside monitoring or control. Therefore, Edge Xpert can operate and sustain itself over long periods without connection to the North Side systems. The data and intelligence that is created at the edge, should be collected often and transported to enterprise (cloud) systems. The Export Services Layer performs the transporting.

Edge Xpert generically supports the exporting of data to protocols, such as MQTT and REST. Edge Xpert can also provide specific integrations to several enterprise cloud systems, which handle the details of the connection mechanisms, security credentials and such like that are specific to that system.

For example, temperature data (the relevant data) can be sent to a REST address every hour (the where and when of delivery) as compressed JSON data (the format and shape).

An overview of the features of the Export Services is provided in the following topic:

Edge Xpert currently supports the following Export Services:

You can also integrate Edge Xpert and OpenFaaS to build applications with stateless functions without worrying about the underlying infrastructure, as described in the following topic: