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IOTech's aim is to be a leader in the global Edge/Fog IoT platform market through a productized open source business model and a channel strategy incorporating the key global IoT players who are looking to leverage OT software solutions and skills they do not currently possess


Accelerating Your Path to Success 

IOTech’s professional service offerings are designed to offer maximum support to the global developer community and partner ecosystem of the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX FoundryIoT Edge Platform Project. We support you in fully exploiting EdgeX technology using IOTech’s products. Our specialist Operational Technology (OT) and Distributed Real-time & Embedded (DRE) skills can accelerate the time-to-market (TTM) of your products and solution offerings.

Our services include fully-managed outsourced OT product solutions, EdgeX integration of partner software assets, collaborative accelerated roadmap of core EdgeX technology, POCs, training and consultancy.

IOTech’s other key advantage is that we are chip-, hardware-, and application-vendor independent, so you can be assured that you will get the absolute best in independent advice throughout your entire IoT Edge project lifecycle - from Discovery and Evaluation, through Development, Configuration and Test and leading to a successful Edge Deployment.

Customer Onboarding – Discovery and Evaluation

IOTech offers a variety of services to help our customers make the right choices to meet their future IoT Edge needs, helping reduce risks and accelerate time-to-value:

As a first step, you may simply want to talk to an experienced IoT solutions expert to discuss your application at the Edge. Send an email with a brief description of your use case to info@iotechsys.com and we’ll assign one of our IoT solutions specialists, who will get in touch to discuss your application and potential routes forward.

Proof of Concepts

When you’re ready to test that your use case can deliver the predicted returns on investment, then IOTech is ready to help. We offer collaborative Proof of Concept (POC) services to validate your potential IoT Edge solution, minimising upfront costs and risk before you commit to a full solution; allowing you to keep vendor choice open!

IOTech regularly undertakes POCs with our customers and partners; evaluating needs, understanding requirements and agreeing success criteria for any potential POC, if necessary involving other companies with complementary skills. We then deliver on the agreed goals. What’s more, our solutions are open and vendor-neutral, offering you complete freedom to choose sensors, Edge hardware, cloud vendor and so on. Interested? Send an email to info@iotechsys.com. Full customer references are available on request.

Professional Services – Develop, Configure Test and Deploy

Having chosen EdgeX and Edge Xpert as your IoT Edge software infrastructure solution, accelerating your IoT Edge deployment and/or Time to Market (TTM) of your product or service will be the new imperative. IOTech has a range of professional service offerings with comprehensive Education services to help you develop and successfully deploy your IoT system efficiently and effectively.

Fully Productised and Supported Offerings

Most business-critical IoT applications demand fully-tested managed software product releases, which minimise the impact of product evolution on their applications. IOTech offers a commercially-supported and packaged implementation of the open source EdgeX Foundry core platform, called Edge Xpert. Edge Xpert has full commercial support and maintenance subscriptions providing service-level guarantees for customers that value premium product quality and support.

A range of standard support packages can be purchased to fit your requirements, offering different service level guarantees and support coverage. Customers can also customize support packages to meet their requirements, including being able to specify the most demanding service level commitments and response times; up to 24x7 coverage.

Onboarding Partner Software Assets

IOTech can help partners accelerate EdgeX adoption and onboard their application assets with services ranging from full outsourced integration and white labelled product management to simple EdgeX architectural assistance. If enhancements are needed to support EdgeX, we can accelerate this development as either proprietary extensions to core infrastructure or as additions to the Open Source codebase.

Accelerated EdgeX Roadmap

IOTech has its own roadmap plans for accelerating core EdgeX functionality, with improvements in areas such as core security, systems management, connectivity and hard real-time extensions. We are open to collaborative development in these areas and also offer a roadmap acceleration service of core EdgeX functionality to customers who need new microservices to support their applications.

Southbound Connectivity

IOTech adds value to EdgeX through a comprehensive set of Southbound connectors to many standard and non-standard protocols. In EdgeX terminology, these are known as Device Services. Our standard Device Services include Modbus, MQTT, BACnet and OPC-UA with many others targeted as part of our roadmap. If the connector you need doesn’t exist, then IOTech’s OT experts can help with Device Service SDK connector development, allowing OT data sources (Southbound) to be integrated with the EdgeX platform for data normalization, data processing/analytics and further distribution (Northbound to the Cloud or East-Westbound to other Edge/Fog nodes).

Platform Porting and Testing

IOTech will carry out any porting and testing/validation activities required for specialized hardware and operating systems requirements that are not readily available in the Open Source community. We will add the new platform to the list of IOTech’s supported platforms and manage the on-going delivery of Edge Xpert (Major, Minor and Maintenance) releases on these platforms to our customers within our commercially supported version.

Codebase Management

This service includes managing a dedicated product code base for each customer. This is particularly important for customers that deploy mission or business-critical systems and where evolution of the system must be carefully managed. In such cases the customer cannot take the standard product maintenance releases, which may include several changes and not only atomic-level changes (such as a bug fix for a specific problem). With the agreement of the customer, this can be incorporated in the Edge Xpert code base for their system.

Consultancy & Education

IOTech’s consultants are not only experts in EdgeX adoption and deployment, but also have extensive knowledge of the target IoT domains where EdgeX and our complementary products are used. Our consultants are available to assist at any stage in your project’s lifecycle and help de-risk your technology adoption.

We offer standard workshops to help your organization through the analysis, design implementation and deployment phases of your project, as well as providing ad-hoc engagements to support a specific need.

In addition to formal workshops, IOTech offers several standard and non-standard training courses to cultivate the skills and capabilities of your team in using, developing and successfully deploying Edge Xpert .

We offer various levels of online training, depending on your needs and level of experience. If you are new to Edge Xpert, then Quick Start training can bring your developers up to speed quickly. Advanced training allows your more experienced engineers to really focus on the specific details of using and deploying Edge Xpert (for example, using the Device Service SDKs) and to gain a deep understanding of how to create robust, scalable, performant and ultimately successful systems. If our standard training offerings don’t align with your requirements, then custom training courses tailored to your specific needs can be provided on request.

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