InfluxDB and GrafanaΒΆ

As part of the Edge Xpert distribution, IOTech provides the open-source InfluxDB and Grafana tools as bundled microservices in the platform.

InfluxDB is a time-series database that can be deployed at the edge and complements the storage provided by the Edge Xpert Core Data service. For further information on InfluxDB, refer to the InfluxDB documentation.

Granfana is a visualization tool that allows you to create dashboards for your data. Grafana can easily interface with InfluxDB because it provides a datasource plugin for connecting to, and streaming data from, InfluxDB. For further information on Grafana, refer to the Grafana documentation.

The following subsections provide examples of setting up and using InfluxDB and Grafana with Edge Xpert, and then integrating Node-RED: