What’s New

Discover what’s new in our Edge Xpert releases.

What’s New in 1.5

  • Added user authorization and management in the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Added Export Service wizard to the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Added support for multiple gateways in the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Added support for alerts and notifications in the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Added development-ready IoT solutions for Dell IoT Gateways
  • Added support for subscriptions to the OPC-UA Device Service
  • Added support for object lists and reading multiple objects in a single call to the BACnet Device Service
  • Added generic message parsing using templates to the MQTT Device Service
  • Improved connection pool and reconnect mechanism for the MQTT Device Service
  • Added Zigbee Device Service
  • Added Bluetooth Device Service
  • Added GPS Device Service for use with Dell IoT Gateways
  • Added MEMS Device Service for use with Dell IoT Gateways
  • Added File Device Service
  • Added Virtual Device Service
  • Removed Random Device Service
  • Further improvements to the documentation structure
  • Most services no longer run as root
  • Logging stdout and file handled by docker
  • Logging export tools provided by Edge Xpert
  • Limit docuker log file sizes in docker-compose
  • -v and --version commands output the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) from which the tool was built
  • Updated to use a smaller Node-RED image
  • Added portainer
  • Added support-notifications
  • Added an update license management mechanism
  • Removed all bind mounts
  • Improved edgexpert CLI too with new and more extensive help options
  • Updated start, stop and down commands to work on individual or all running services
  • Added rm command to delete stopped containers
  • Added run command
  • Redis uses a custom configuration for Edge Xpert. If required, docker-compose can be used to override configuration settings (such as the log level)
  • Updated docker-compose to set volumes to Read Only where possible
  • Removed config seed; Core and Device Services now bootstrap their configuration into the registry
  • Remote logging is used when the logging service starts
  • Added Secret Store (vault)
  • Added the API Gateway (reverse proxy/KONG)
  • Using signed docker images
  • Using docker manifest for images

What’s New in 1.1.3

  • Fixed issue where Redis would store all data sent to core-data, causing high memory use
  • Fixed issue in the Modbus service that caused instability due to lost or slow connectoins
  • Added ByteString and GUID identifier support to the OPC-UA Device Service
  • Fixed issue where new export registrations were not visible in the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Fixes to improve Edge Xpert Manager stability

What’s New in 1.1.2

  • Improved the stability of all Device Services
  • Added support for numeric IDs in the OPC-UA Device Service
  • Improved the edgexpert tool
  • Set the default logging for C-based Device Services to stdout
  • Improved the stability of the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Improved accessibility of error reporting to the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Improved the documentation

What’s New in 1.1.1

  • Fixed issue with put handling for GO device services
  • Fixed string handling issue for C device services
  • Fixed configuration persistence on ‘edgexpert down’
  • Added support for BACnet BBMD
  • Added Redis keep alive check in consul
  • Improved resilience of MQTT Device service
  • Improved and clarified many topics in the Documentation
  • Included Device Grove, for use with the grove sensor kits
  • Added Device service creation wizard to the Edge Xpert Manager
  • Updated Export Registration creation using the Edge Xpert Manager

What’s New in 1.1.0

  • All Device Services have been re-written in C or Go. The new versions boast improved performance, particularly on low-power platforms. The services are as follows:

    Edge Xpert Device Services
    Device Service Language Comments
    Device-Modbus Go The Device-Modbus service supports RTU and IP
    Device-Random Go The Device-Ransom service produces random data and feed it as readings to Edge Xpert. This is a temporary replacement for device-virtual
    Device-MQTT Go  
    Device-BACnet C The Device-BACnet service replaces the old, Java, BACnet Device Service. The new service provides device-bacnet-ip for TCP/IP connectivity and evice-bacnet-mstp for serial connectivity
    Device-OPC-UA C  
  • Service dependencies are properly managed, providing much faster startup times

  • The edgexpert tool has been updated. Additional functionality allows greater control over the Edge Xpert services

  • Redis is now the default database for Edge Xpert. This offers improved performance and startup times over MongoDB, particularly on low-power platforms

  • Device Service SDKs are now available in both C and Go

What’s New in 1.0.1

  • Edge Xpert is packaged and avaliable as a deb & rpm
  • Node Red is included with Edge Xpert
  • Grafana is included with Edge Xpert
  • InfluxDB is supported as an Export Service