Welcome to the Edge Xpert documentation

Edge Xpert is IOTech’s commercial implementation of the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry open platform for Industrial IoT Edge Computing. Edge Xpert is based on the latest stable release of EdgeX Foundry open source code base which is then enhanced, productized and supported by IOTech. This approach minimizes any risk of open source adoption and is key to users deploying in mission and business critical industrial systems.

Edge Xpert is a flexible, platform-independent, highly-scalable and industrial-grade edge software platform supported by a rich ecosystem of components that can quickly and easily deliver interoperability between things, applications and services, across a wide range of use cases.

Note about the documentation:

The Edge Xpert documentation below begins with the features specific to Edge Xpert. For users new to EdgeX it is recommended to first gain some familiarity with EdgeX by starting at EdgeX Introduction