Displaying ReadingsΒΆ

The Readings pane allows you to view data data from the selected device. For easy visualization, the data can presented as either a table or a graph.

To display the Readings pane, select READINGS from the main menu.

Using the Random-Integer-Generator01 device as an example, complete the following steps to view the associated data:

  1. Select Random-Integer-Generator01 from the Search listing

    By default, all readings are selected. If a reading is included in the representations of the data, it has a tick beside it.

  1. Define the readings you want to include in the representation of the data as follows:
    • To filter the readings that display, select the reading from the list of readings
    • To search for specific readings, enter the search term in the search text box above the visualized data
    • To search for readings within a specific date/time period, enter the start and end date/time in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm format in the two date/time text boxes
  1. Scroll down to the table representation of the data, which will look similar to the following:

    Device Data
  2. To display the graphical representation of the data, select the Show Graph button above the table

    A graph similar to the following displays:

    Device Data