Viewing LogsΒΆ

To use Los, you must start edgexpert with the --xpert-manager and the --support-logging options, as shown below:

edgexpert up --xpert-manager --support-logging

For further information on the edgexpert command options, see Edge Xpert Command Line Interface Tool.

The Logs pane allows you to view items that are logged by the Edge Xpert microservices while they are running, as illustrated below:

Device Data

This information can be useful when verifying and diagnosing Edge Xpert behavior.

To search for specific logs, enter the search term in the search text box above the table.

To search for logs within a specific date/time period, enter the start and end date/time in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm format in the two date/time text boxes.

For information about Logging, refer to the EdgeX Logging topic of the EdgeX Foundry documentation.