Using the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Export Service

This example describes how to use the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub export service for Edge Xpert.

In this example, we do the following:


Viewing the telemetry messages is optional, and requires the Azure IoT Toolkit extension.

Monitoring the Telemetry Events

To monitor the telemetry events, complete the following steps:

  1. In the IoT Hub, select Metrics from the Monitor menu options

  2. Select the Telemetry message sent checkbox from the Available metrics options, as illustrated below:

    Available Metrics Options

    The graph shows the number of sent messages.

Viewing the Telemetry Messages

Viewing the telemetry messages is an optional step.

To view the telemetry messages, you must install Vistual Studio Code. You can find out more from the Microsoft documentation.

To view the telemetry messages, complete the following steps:

  1. Install Virtual Studio Code

  2. Install the Azure IoT Toolkit on Visual Studio Code

  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + P on your keyboard to open the Command Palette

  4. Enter Azure:Sign In. You are prompted to open the page, as illustrated below:

    Azure Sign-in Prompt
  5. Copy the code given in the prompt

  6. Select Copy & Open. The Device Login page displays, as illustrated below:

    Device Login Page
  7. Paste the code that you copied above in the text box

  8. Select Continue. You are prompted to choose the account to use on sign-in, as illustrated below:

    Account Selection
  9. Select your Azure account. You are prompted for your password

  10. Enter your password in the text box

  11. Open VSCode and complete the following steps:

    1. Open the Command Palette
    2. Enter Azure:Select Subscriptions
    3. Select your subscription
    4. Select IoT Hub. The Device ID is listed under Azure IoT Hub Devices
    5. Right-click the Device ID that you want to monitor
    6. Select Start Monitoring D2C message
    7. Send an event. The event is reported in the Output block, as illustrated below:
    Azure Output