Example Zigbee Device Provisioning Using TOML File

This topic provides the parameters required to setup an example Zigbee connection using TOML configuration files.


IOTech STRONGLY recommends that this approach only be used for Device Service development, or when a service has a fixed set of devices (for example, for a sensor kit).

For information on the Edge Xpert Zigbee Device Service, see Zigbee.

Ensure that the profile is in the configuration directory.

Zigbee Example TOML

To set up the Device Service, you must edit the [[DeviceList]] section of the Zigbee TOML file, as illustrated below:

  Name = "LED_Strip"
  Profile = "Zigbee LED Strip"
  Description = "A Zigbee LED strip"
  Labels = [ "Zigbee LED Strip"]
      Address = "<Zigbee device MAC address>"
      Endpoint = "3"