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On February 28, Keith Steele, EdgeX Foundry Board Member and Chair of the Technical Steering Committee and CEO of IOTech, will be presenting a session titled “Taming Tigers: Building Open Source Ecosystems” at 5-5:30 p.m. Below is the description of the session. You can register for the event and add this session to your agenda here.

Taming Tigers: Building Open Source Ecosystems

Widespread fragmentation and the complexity of the current IoT landscape are stalling the growth of the Industrial IoT market and making it difficult for partners to work together. The overwhelming number of software platforms, applications, hardware and connectivity standards is creating paralysis among businesses that are afraid of making the wrong choice and being locked into a solution.

EdgeX Foundry is reducing this uncertainty by unifying the growing community of IoT solutions providers around a common IoT edge framework and an ecosystem of interoperable components. Matthew will discuss the importance of “taming tigers” and best practices for bringing traditional competitors together to participate in open source projects like EdgeX Foundry. He will also provide real-life examples of how the EdgeX framework can enable the use of existing connectivity standards with interoperable components to simplify development and deployment of IoT solutions across a wide variety of industrial and enterprise use cases.

For more information on the event visit http://www.embedded-world.eu/home.html

Location Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Germany



Posted: 22nd Feb 2018

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